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Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered
Old August 18th, 2013, 10:35 PM
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Default Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered

The following is a match that caters to all two major Ultraman fanboys around these parts! The two weakest Ultras in the history of the franchise go head-to-head! In one corner, the American Ultraman Powered! In the other corner, from the land down under... Ultraman Great!

Ultraman Great

Height: 196 feet
Mass: 58,000 tons

Flight Speed: Mach 26
Running Speed: Mach 9

- Burning Plasma Blasts: From his hands, Ultraman Great can charge launch orbs of blue plasma capable of engulfing enemies in fire.
- Finger Beams: By turning his hands and fingers into gun shapes, Ultraman Great can launch missile-strength beams of energy from the tips of his middle and index fingers. After so many shots, he will have to ďcockĒ his hands, often by flexing his hands and touching his chest.
- Dissolver: Ultraman Great can launch lightning-like bolts of energy from his hands.
- Palm Shooter: Ultraman Great can launch weak energy blasts in rapid succession from each of his palms.
- Magnum Shoot: By turning his hands into a cup-like shape, Ultraman Great can collect enemy attacks, such as fire and mist, and redirect them back to the source.
- Great Slicer: Ultraman Great can form a burning sword of energy in his hands. He can then swing this blade with great skill, allowing him to chop off enemy limbs with ease.
- Human Merging:Ultraman can combine his own life force with that of a humanís. This will allow him to save a humanís life who is about to die and also gift them with their own powers. Once merged, the human can then call on Ultraman Great with the Beta Plasma Pendant.

Weaknesses: Due to Earthís polluted atmosphere, Ultraman Great can only exist for up to three minutes before returning to his human hostís form.

First Appearance: Ultraman Towards the Future (Entire Series, 1991)

Arena: Open Desert
Rules: Both scaled and without their time limits.

Fight Examples:
Ultraman Great vs. Bogun
Ultraman Great vs. Gigasaurus
Ultraman Great vs. Degunja
Ultraman Great vs. Kudara

Ultraman Powered vs. Dada
Ultraman Powered vs. Kemular (Go to 21:00)
Ultraman Powered vs. Aboras & Banilla (Go to 21:00)
Ultraman Powered vs. Zetton (Go to 16:00)

Re: Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered
Old August 18th, 2013, 10:36 PM
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Default Re: Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered

Great wins via beamspam.


Re: Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered
Old August 18th, 2013, 10:46 PM
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Default Re: Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered

I still say he is not all that weak. I mean he has a great ability to manipulate energy. Doesn't require any kind of charge or elaborate arm waving. His fingers, fists, hands, he can create any form of energy that he needs at that moment. His speed is certainly faster than Ultraman Powered that is for sure. His array of abilities is also far greater than Powered's.

One of his greatest abilities I found was his ability to coalescing an opponents projectile energy and reform it to a counter attack. He demonstrated this when he fought the Gerukadon. By catching it's flame breath, he was able to reform that energy into a devastating attack. Again this is a great example of his energy manipulation.

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Re: Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered
Old August 19th, 2013, 04:25 AM
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Default Re: Ultraman Great vs. Ultraman Powered

EB beat me to it. Yeah, Great takes this pretty easy.





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